Monthly Archives: November 2011

Two Steps From Hell?

Definitely not! This is the name of a production music company from USA. How have I found it? Here comes the intricate detective work. I remembered an ad at BBC One about a new documentary. This documentary is a wonderful masterpiece, as most of BBC ones: Frozen Planet. I haven’t watched it, though I might watch it tonight. What I loved about it above all, was the music. So I went on YouTube. I would like to share with you the beautiful music and images of the Frozen Planet trailer and an extended version of the music that provided the soundtrack: Heart of Courage. Feel and enjoy!

Lady in Red

I love Strictly Come Dancing and don’t miss a Saturday night to watch it. I even go on YouTube to see again some of my favourite dancers sometime. But while I was doing so one day, I discovered Dancing with the stars, American version. I love dancing and anything that is linked with that. Imho, I think that Strictly is the best show on earth. And it is, with great dances and dancers, beautiful dresses, no advertising for an hour and a half, no waste timers, and the list can go on. Β I thought I have seen it all, I thought that the best dancer was Alesha, then I saw Kara and it seemed much better but recently I have seen Nicole. Her rumba with partner Derek was mesmerizing, sensual, hot, the best of all. And then I searched more and I discovered that I loved all of their dances, and I also thought that they have unique, original and very quick dances. But their rumba is the cherry on the cake for me. I don’t want you to like it or agree with me but just watch it. Enjoy! πŸ™‚