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Happy Birthday to Me! ;)

I wish myself to love and be loved in return. I wish myself success in my singing career, a place of my own and an exciting life, at least two children and peace in my heart and my mind. I wish myself good and faithful friends around me, to be good towards others and others towards me, I wish myself wisdom to face everything and health. I wish myself a beautiful family. I wish my sister Happy Birthday and almost the same things that I wish myself. Omg, I have to stop talking about myself, me and I now. Happy Birthday to me! x


I Won’t Dance

Elena, Constantin

La multi ani Sfintilor Constantini si Elene, azi! Sa fim sanatosi, sa aducem multa bucurie celor din jur, sa avem parte de o viata asa cum ne dorim fiecare!

Beyond the Sea



The Way You Look Tonight


It Had Better Be Tonight