What can you do with 1 £?

Hello everybody, long time no see. Glad to be back again in this blogosphere. I have just read an article and my engine started working. It might not be a great idea but for the moment it seems great to me. I need your help too as I want as many ideas as possible, with links too, where needed.

So, I need to know what can you do with 1 £. I thought first of asking you what can you do in terms of food but I want a limitless list. So feel free to add here ANYTHING that is worth 1 £ or close like 0,99 £. You can’t think of a 99 p store, only items on sale at any shop, that are now worth 1 pound.

You might ask me why 1 £. Well, because of my love of UK and London. I will start this list and later, when it might be exhausted may be I will add a list of 1 $ and 1 € and 1 leu (Romanian currency). But let’s start with 1 pound first. Indulge me! Thank you very much for your time and curiousity.

Here I start myself:

Neon Pink Plastic Belt

Nairns – Oatcakes Fine Milled

Neals Yard Wholefoods – Flame Raisins

Neals Yard Wholefoods – Milk Chocolate Almonds

Green crystal necklace

Bodyform natural ultra normal wing towel


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