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Omelette Arnold Bennett

I have not written a recipe in English for years. I am trying to do it again and please keep in mind I am not very good at English. I make mistakes. But hopefully you will understand and what is most important, you will understand the recipe and enjoy a lovely breakfast/ lunch/ dinner. I took this recipe from “Traditional British Cooking” 1998 book and followed it. I discovered something totally different from what I was used to with an omelette and I want to share it here with you. Of course there are lots of other variations to choose from, so use your free will. 🙂

Omelette Arnold Bennett

Serves 2


  • 175 g/ 6 oz smoked haddock fillet, poached and drained
  • 50 g/ 2 oz/ 4 tbsp butter, diced
  • 175 ml/ 6 fl oz/ 3/4 cup whipping or double (heavy) cream
  • 4 eggs, separated
  • 65 g/ 2 1/2 oz/ 1/2 cup grated mature Cheddar cheese
  • salt and pepper


  • Discard the haddock skin and any bones and flake the flesh.
  • Melt half the butter in 60 ml/ 4 tbsp cream in a fairly small non-stick saucepan, the lightly stir in the fish. Cover, remove from the heat and leave the mixture to cool.
  • Stir together the egg yolks, 15 ml/ 1 tbsp cream and pepper, then lightly stir in the fish mixture. In a separate bowl, mix together the cheese and the remaining cream.
  • Whisk the egg whites until stiff, then fold into the fish mixture.
  • Heat the remaining butter in an omelette pan, add the fish mixture and cook until browned underneath. Pour over the cheese mixture, then grill (broil) until golden and bubbling.

Enjoy your meal!

Elena G