Cheesy Fish Cakes with Spring Onions

Hi! Here is another recipe I discovered and followed, while abroad. I like to share my experiences with food, more as an enthusiast, and also to make them available to Romanian people, that is why you will find them translated too. Sharing is caring they say. I care, I guess. 🙂 I can talk about food so that it will make you heart melt and make you hungry instantly. :)) Let’s proceed and dive into a delicious recipe from Josceline Dimbleby’s “Marvellous Meals with Mince”, 1982. It’s very easy as you will discover and goes very well with a salad, a bit of mayonnaise or Greek yoghurt as a lighter and healthier choice. Your pick.

Cheesy Fish Cakes with Spring Onions

Serves 4


  • 350 g/ 12 oz  cod fillets, fresh or thawed from frozen
  • 75 g/ 3 oz fresh white breadcrumbs
  • a bunch of spring onions
  • 100 g/ 4 oz grated cheese
  • 1 tsp/ 5 ml capers, chopped finely (optional) (you can replace them with green olives if you like)
  • 4-5 pinches of cayenne pepper
  • 1 egg (size 2) and 1 egg yolk
  • butter for frying (the original recipe from the book mentions margarine too, but you already know my opinion about margarine, NOOOOO)
  • salt


  • If necessary skin the cod fillets  (if using frozen fresh fish this is much easier done before thawing) and mince or chop in a food processor. Put in a bowl with the breadcrumbs. Chop the spring onions finely, using as much of the green stalk as possible, and add them to the fish and breadcrumbs, together wiht the grated cheese and the capers.
  • Season with salt and the cayenne pepper and mix all together thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Whisk the egg and egg yolk and stir into the mixture. With well-floured hands, shape the mixture into fairly small fish cakes.
  • Heat a good blob of butter in a large frying pan. Fry the fish cakes (you will probably have to do them in two batches) over a medium heat for 5-8 minutes on each side until golden brown, turning carefully once with a fish slice. Transfer to a dish, pour over any extra butter from the pan and serve. (If necessary they will keep hot in a low oven perfectly well for an hour or so).

Enjoy your meal!

Elena G

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