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Magic ✨🎁

For those who love Disney Classic, a magical trip through one of the most beautiful music for everybody. ♥️😍 Regal 👑

Иностранец (Foreigner)

For the last couple of weeks I kept bumping into tweets or reels on insta with women dancing on this song. I loved it from the begining but I wanted to know where is it from. So I first learned that it is from a guy with a husky voice, named GOARTUR. But following yt comments I learned that he is not the original singer, but other. Yaroslav Dronov, aka Shaman who gives a very powerful rendition on a franchise contest in Russia. I liked him too. Then, reading more comments I stumbled upon another name that keeps repeating too: Meladze. So, like a detective, I get to the bottom of it. I invite you all to listen to a very good russian song. Hope you like it. Enjoy

A Summer Place 🦋🌞🌊

One of my favourite music is that from the 50’s and 60’s. Imho I feel that that was the golden age of music. The sound just pours in my heart. Here is an example of how hauntingly beautiful a song can be. I don’t think I will ever hear something as beautiful as this now. But never say never. 🤔

And don’t forget to dance…

Elena G

Summer music ♥️🌊🐬

Two beautiful voices, it’s hard for me to choose. So I invite you to listen to both of them. Enjoy summer! 🌊🐬♥️

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” Victor Hugo

Astazi e ziua mea! ♥️

Nu-mi spune 🤫

Ba uite ca spun! De ce sa nu spun? Joking! Am primit recent de la o cunostinta aceasta bijuterie muzicala, si m-am gandit ca merita sa aiba o postare. Eu nu stiam de Walter Ghicolescu, pentru ca nu prea ascult genul de muzica pe care il canta el dar a fost o supriza foarte frumoasa. Am trecut si prin alte piese dar se pare ca tot prima, aceasta, imi place cel mai mult. Auditie placuta! 💕

Elena G

Maybe I’m Just Old-Fashioned Too … 🤭

Again I am sooo thrilled to discover a new and absolutely beautiful jazz voice. Laufey. She doesn’t have many songs on her yt channel but I’ve listened to all of them. Again and again… She reminds me of Ella, who I love. She has in her repetoir Ella’s songs and her own. This one is hers and I guess I am old-fashioned too and read too many fairytales. ☺️