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Lift Me Up

Imnul dragostei

Welcome To My World

Acest cantec merge perfect ca prima postare a blogului. Din pacate l-am descoperit abia azi si nu il pot posta acum 11 ani. De fapt as putea dar oare cine se uita la prima postare? Exact, nimeni. Sau 1 la 1 milion. Chiar daca e descoperit tarziu, tot merita postat. De ce? Pentru ca este inca o invitatie la a descoperi lumea mea (sau o particica din ea) in acest blog si pentru ca melodia e absolut superba. Mi-a trecut prin inima de la primele sunete. Prima varianta auzita e cea a lui Elvis dar din comentarii aflu ca originalul este al lui Jim Reeves. Asa ca trebuie musai ascultat. Si sa stii ca nu imi pare rau, am descoperit o voce atat de frumoasa si la Jim, nu imi vine sa cred!!

Auditie mai mult decat frumoasa… superba!!! 😍🎼

Elena G

Music Helps To Heal ♥️

When I first heard this song, I think a year ago, I thought I heard one of the most beautiful songs in the world. Now, listening to it again, I think the same. Enjoy a beautiful concert rendition and a studio one! Enjoy the guitar sound and a beautiful poem as only oriental poems can be. ♥️

Magic ✨🎁

For those who love Disney Classic, a magical trip through one of the most beautiful music for everybody. ♥️😍 Regal 👑

Иностранец (Foreigner)

For the last couple of weeks I kept bumping into tweets or reels on insta with women dancing on this song. I loved it from the begining but I wanted to know where is it from. So I first learned that it is from a guy with a husky voice, named GOARTUR. But following yt comments I learned that he is not the original singer, but other. Yaroslav Dronov, aka Shaman who gives a very powerful rendition on a franchise contest in Russia. I liked him too. Then, reading more comments I stumbled upon another name that keeps repeating too: Meladze. So, like a detective, I get to the bottom of it. I invite you all to listen to a very good russian song. Hope you like it. Enjoy

A Summer Place 🦋🌞🌊

One of my favourite music is that from the 50’s and 60’s. Imho I feel that that was the golden age of music. The sound just pours in my heart. Here is an example of how hauntingly beautiful a song can be. I don’t think I will ever hear something as beautiful as this now. But never say never. 🤔

And don’t forget to dance…

Elena G