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Magic ✨🎁

For those who love Disney Classic, a magical trip through one of the most beautiful music for everybody. ♥️😍 Regal 👑

Maybe I’m Just Old-Fashioned Too … 🤭

Again I am sooo thrilled to discover a new and absolutely beautiful jazz voice. Laufey. She doesn’t have many songs on her yt channel but I’ve listened to all of them. Again and again… She reminds me of Ella, who I love. She has in her repetoir Ella’s songs and her own. This one is hers and I guess I am old-fashioned too and read too many fairytales. ☺️



Call me cheesy but I really like this one.  I will always appreciate things that lift up my mood. Hope it lifts up your mood too. Enjoy! 🙂

‘Cause you’re great! You’re amazing! And you’re beautiful!