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More Christmassy Things

When Christmas Comes Around…

I just love Kelly Clarkson. ♥️ This year she came out with another great, unique and beautiful album about Christmas. I don’t know which I like best, her first or her second. You can listen to the whole album in the first video and my favourites from it are … next. It’s Christmas time again! Enjoy! 🎁

and this tiktok version that I like more

And a bonus of my own, because I really love how they harmonize.

Merry Christmas! x 🎅🏻

Elena G

Primiti cu colindul? 🙂

Elena G

The Classic Christmas Cake

Merry Christmas! Yes, I’ve made this too. Please try it once, at least. I know I wouldn’t, though never say never. Enjoy a beautiful English Christmas Cake with your family and loved ones. I also invite you to watch a wonderful Christmas Concert of one of the most loved Romanian artists, Tudor Gheorghe. Keep Christmas in your hearts!

Stille Nacht

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I am at home, at last. Glad to be home and happy. I missed you, my mom, my bed, my pillow. I thought I will be ok coming back, as I am quite used with travelling but no. I realised how much I missed everything. Even the food, the tiny things. I don’t want to think of anything else now, just enjoy Christmas and listen to carols and Christmas songs. My favourites are:

Merry Christmas! x