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Why Beauty Matters?

Nu sunt scriitoare, nici filosof, insa am descoperit cu placere acest documentar. Recunosc ca pentru mine frumusetea conteaza. Cu totii, de la copii pana la cei mai batrani o recunoastem instinctiv si o verbalizam mai tarziu cand invatam cuvintele. Si ne trezim exclamand: Ce frumos/ frumoasa este! Frumusetea vine intr-adevar de la Divinitate si creatia ei este frumoasa toata. Uita-te la flori, munti, copaci, rauri, oameni, copii, etc. Te invit sa urmaresti acest documentar, sa vezi si sa auzi mai multe. Tu ce crezi, conteaza frumusetea? Este ea in ochii celui care priveste?

Elena G

Two Steps From Hell?

Definitely not! This is the name of a production music company from USA. How have I found it? Here comes the intricate detective work. I remembered an ad at BBC One about a new documentary. This documentary is a wonderful masterpiece, as most of BBC ones: Frozen Planet. I haven’t watched it, though I might watch it tonight. What I loved about it above all, was the music. So I went on YouTube. I would like to share with you the beautiful music and images of the Frozen Planet trailer and an extended version of the music that provided the soundtrack: Heart of Courage. Feel and enjoy!