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Ziua mea a trecut. Sau nu. Ce poate fi mai placut sa mi se aminteasca chiar mai devreme si mult dupa ce a trecut ca este in continuare ziua mea, chiar si in luna iunie. Vorba unei prietene dragi, Anca: “M-am gandit ca si luna iunie sa fie luna ta, fara sa depaseasca semnificatia lunii Mai.” Si sa primesc azi o invitatie de la ea la ceainarie. Asa, de ziua mea in luna iunie. Toata luna iunie. Ce surpriza! Asa ceva nu se refuza. ;)) Deci mi-a iesit drum la ceai si cu siguranta ne vom bucura de mai multe zambete impreuna. Iar ceaiul merge bine cu niste easy-listening, jazz pe fundal, in surdina. Da volumul mai incet si bucura-te si tu de un ceai. Ca e si ziua ta, in iunie. 🙂

Elena G

All I want…

Cantecul meu preferat in fiecare an. A implinit 25 de ani de la creatie si a batut o groaza de recorduri. Chiar daca nu era asa, ce e frumos si bun dainuieste in timp. Iata dovada. Ce sa iti doresti de Craciun? Ceva ce multi canta dar mai ales sa fie reciproc. Si multa credinta ca totul se intampla cu un scop. Venirea Craciunului sa ne aminteasca iubirea de sus pe care sa o raspandim si pe pamant. Un Ajun binecuvantat!

Elena G

Someday (Maybe)


Someday I am in a sarcastic mood so just listen to this beautiful song without paying attention to the lyrics and you have such a good tune to move your body. For me it works wonders because I just Love to dance. I can’t sit on the chair, it is absolutely delightful and cheerful at the same time. 🙂

Now, returning to the sarcastic mood, what a polite way to say Never! When you hear that from a person, leave. And don’t look back. It hurts terribly but you can’t do anything. And remember, you can also say that to someone. Try to show some empathy and think how deeply your words and actions can affect others. Say the truth or whatever you want to say and leave too. It’s a two way street always.

Now, if I see this from a romantic point of view, it means that there is some hope there. At least one of them is romantic and loves more. Or they both are romantics and there is love in their hearts to say such a thing when they know that, at that moment, their lives must part ways. But no, I am sarcastic so I don’t believe in fairy tales. There you go!

Enjoy a lovely tune and feel whatever you want. Feel like dancing? 😉

Bonus: Michael Buble is singing. (one of my fave singers)

Everytime We Say Goodbye

Night and Day