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My Special Day

A friend of mine wished to me to enjoy a special day on my birthday. And I realized that I live a special day everyday. When something beautiful happens in my life, it feels like my birthday. Like, for example, when I get a phone call from a friend saying hi, or a nice message, at a friendly reunion, the smile on a child’s face or a warm embrace. I remember finding once a candle in London with the words “Warm embrace” on it and it made me smile.  I love the unexpected and to be pleasantly surprised. Anything that puts a smile on my face makes my day special. A touch, a word, a picture, even a tear, my memories, a friend, a child or my family. Thank you. 🙂


Three Years Old

Happy birthday, my beautiful, beloved blog! My sweet child of mine! I love you for all the joy you brought to me when I wrote you and all the hours I spent with you, for all the thoughts I shared and thought of sharing with you, for all the patience you had with me when I stopped writing you, for understanding why I stopped writing you and still never leaving me once.

Happy Birthday to Me! ;)

I wish myself to love and be loved in return. I wish myself success in my singing career, a place of my own and an exciting life, at least two children and peace in my heart and my mind. I wish myself good and faithful friends around me, to be good towards others and others towards me, I wish myself wisdom to face everything and health. I wish myself a beautiful family. I wish my sister Happy Birthday and almost the same things that I wish myself. Omg, I have to stop talking about myself, me and I now. Happy Birthday to me! x


Two Years Old

It is never to late to celebrate. My baby (blog) is 2 years old. Happy birthday, sweet child of mine! On the 25th of March it was its birthday but I was unable to write then. I am happy to do it now, on this special day too, when I celebrate the Orthodox Easter! My baby, I have never thought of you being two, already. The time passes so quickly. I love you and I wish you a long and good life, so you can bring more joy, happiness, and good or sometimes cheeky feelings to all who read you, or read between the lines. x

River Flows in You


27th of May

Happy Birthday, my dear sister! Happy birthday to me, too! x

One Year Old

Happy birthday, dear blog of mine! Last year, this day, I started, writing my first post, Hello world! I had thought long and hard when to begin. I have chosen this day because it is a holly day, the orthodox world celebrates The Annunciation and it is a good omen for me. And now I have one year of blogging. The time passes so quickly but I am happy I have started this and just hope that my writings change your mood and you are looking forward to reading more and maybe learn new things, question and think of what is written here. 🙂

Dear blog, you are one year old now, hope you will grow well and happy! I love you, sweet child of mine!