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Maybe I’m Just Old-Fashioned Too … 🤭

Again I am sooo thrilled to discover a new and absolutely beautiful jazz voice. Laufey. She doesn’t have many songs on her yt channel but I’ve listened to all of them. Again and again… She reminds me of Ella, who I love. She has in her repetoir Ella’s songs and her own. This one is hers and I guess I am old-fashioned too and read too many fairytales. ☺️


A Little Bit Of…

A little bit of jazz, a little bit of barley there latino, a bit of pop, etc …adauga la asta si niste versuri interesante, dar ca sa fiu sincera nu stiu exact ce vor sa insemne, cu toata engleza mea. But I am here for the jazz part. 🙂 Enjoy a nice song!

Elena G

Two Years Old

It is never to late to celebrate. My baby (blog) is 2 years old. Happy birthday, sweet child of mine! On the 25th of March it was its birthday but I was unable to write then. I am happy to do it now, on this special day too, when I celebrate the Orthodox Easter! My baby, I have never thought of you being two, already. The time passes so quickly. I love you and I wish you a long and good life, so you can bring more joy, happiness, and good or sometimes cheeky feelings to all who read you, or read between the lines. x