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For those who love my mother, Sirma Granzulea and folklore, or are just curious, they have the opportunity to watch and hear her singing on the 23rd of May at The House of Culture from Constanta, Romania, at 2:30 p.m. There will be celebrated “The National Day of Aromanian” in a performance  where you may hear other aromanian singers such as: Hrista Lupci, Gheorghe Caraulani, Yioryi Nicolae, Ioti Mela, Stelica Arau, Tomi Caramitru, Bambi si Vali Tulica, Ionut Bacale, Iancu Gana, Gigi Rusa, Stelica Bica, Flori Caragop, Razvan Grosu and the asembly of Aromanian dancers “IHOLU”. Free entrance.

For my pleasure and yours, watch her singing live in this video from another year’s performance. 🙂 Enjoy!