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You Say

Elena G

You Found Me, You Catch Me

Elena G

It’s Now Or Never – Cover

Any thoughts? Now? Never? Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Well, I’ve tried. Hold your peace, stranger! 😛

Although it may seem like I am talking to someone in particular, I am not. Or may be I am but it can refer to anyone who holds their tongue when they should talk  and talk when they should keep quiet or when it is too late. Including me.

Enjoy the song! Any feedback is welcomed, if given! If not, well, speak later…or not ;))

Anyway, I got my answer. And I have to deal with it.

Good Night!

.. / .-.. — …- . / -.– — ..- / -.-.–

La multi ani, my flower! x

Autumn Emotion

This is for those who appreciate a good piece of music and the emotions that it brings with it, regardless of the language it is sang in. It is for those who are not Romanian but would come to love beautiful Romanian songs. It is a song about autumn, called ‘Autumn Emotion’ in translation. The lyrics are written by a great poet, Nichita Stanescu and it is sung by a great singer, Nicu Alifantis.

It starts like this, more or less, in my not so great English:

Autumn has come,

Cover my heart with something,

With the shadow of a tree

Or better, with your heart…




Close your eyes and  feel!