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Anti Spring?

May you enjoy a wonderful Spring! I feel already more positive and happy, just seeing the first flowers in bloom and so much green. How can one’s heart not skip a beat at so much beauty God has given us? To go with this feeling comes another favourite song of mine, about spring, sang by a great Romanian artist, Tudor Gheorghe, on the lyrics of a beautiful poem, “Anti spring”,  written by another great, now deceased, poet, Adrian Paunescu. You can read the poem translated here. It may sound a bit sad but the music lifts the spirit up and if you really pay attention to the lyrics, you will find the humour in it and the Spring. 😉

The 1st of March holds another meaning for Romanians and not only them, so I also invite you to read here on my blog.

1st of March

Welcome, Spring! I missed you! You are here, at last! 🙂  Today I will start wearing a “martisor” which means that white and red string that is attached to a decoration. Mine is an old silver coin from my grandmother, as many years ago, no other decorations existed, so most of the people would wear silver or gold coins, symbolizing the sun and its power to bring nature to life after a long winter. I was about to put here the information about martisor but I think you should either watch the video or go to Wikipedia and read. I am sure you will find the info very valuable and I just hope that in some future time, this Romanian tradition turns into an international one as St. Valentine is. Because “Martisorul” is beautiful, refreshing, new, exciting and celebrating Spring! May you enjoy a beautiful Spring!